May we introduce ourselves?

Mountain States Escrow, Inc., (MSE) has been serving Las Cruces and the surrounding area since 1982. MSE has established its reliability and trust with thousands of clients over the years by providing a service with value and customer convenience.

Mountain States Escrow, Inc., is a home owned and operated independent escrow corporation, state licensed by the State of New Mexico and fully surety bonded per state regulations. We specialize in the collection, calculation, and disbursement of seller or owner financed transactions. Our industry designed computerized system is specifically oriented to processing installment repayment plans when periodic payment applications are required. This enables MSE to perform financial services normally associated with multi-million dollar servicers but with our own one-on-one personal touch.

All legal documents pertaining to each particular transaction are maintained on site in a fireproof vault for maximum security. Payments are received and disbursed as directed on a daily basis. Complete accounting and records of all transactions are available upon request or thru our online website account access.

Benefits of Mountain States Escrow’s Services

Qualifying for a conventional loan may not be a reality for some buyers. In addition to costs and time, the process of qualifying and/or obtaining the loan are more intimidating and frightening than some buyers want to face.

Seller/Owner Financing offers an alternative to conventional financing when selling or buying real and/or personal property. The individuals or companies involved set the parameters for their transactions and can be more flexible and creative in the terms as meets their needs. The convenience and affordability of escrow allows Sellers to devote time to more productive and profitable endeavors. Buyers are assured that documents are accessible no matter where the seller may be upon completion of their repayment plan.

Parties transferring real property by contract and deed or note and mortgage, or personal property by note or title, will experience monetary and time savings with monthly and annual statements provided to their accountants on a regular basis or at year end.