Marilyn Mayse

Founder & CEO

Administration- Employee Supervision- Special Projects

Sandra Valenzuela

Office Manager

Administration Assistant/Office Manager- Employee Supervision- New Account Set Ups- Customer Service- Payoff Quotes- Insurance & Property Tax Analysis- Property Tax Payments

Luci Montenegro

Account Representative

Customer Service- Payment Posting- ACH Set Ups, Initiation, & Processing- Non-Sufficient Funded (NSF)Payments- Payoff Quotes

Mary Minjares

Account Representative

Customer Service- Payment Posting & Processing- Insurance Premium Payments- Document Release & Certified Mailings- Payoff Quotes

Sandra Lopez

Account Representative

New Accounts & Data Verification – Property Tax Research – Customer Service – Special Projects

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Mountain States Escrow, Inc.’s friendly staff has years of hands-on experience in contract collections and escrow servicing. If you have questions about your account or escrow in general, please call us at 575-526-9741 in Las Cruces. Or if you are in the area, you are welcome to stop by our offices during regular business hours or schedule an appointment with one of our escrow representatives. We are ready and willing to assist you.