Welcome to Mountain States Escrow, Inc.

Mountain States Escrow, Inc., (MSE) is a state licensed and surety bonded corporation, specializing in the servicing of Seller or Owner Financed Transactions.

MSE receives and disburses funds on real estate contracts, land contracts, promissory notes and mortgages, mobile homes, automobiles, and other privately held transactions that require independent third party intervention.

Our Commitment

Mountain States Escrow, Inc., is an independent and impartial third party servicer who represents the transaction, not any one participant to the transaction. MSE provides a quality service for a nominal fee and acts as an intermediary, lending the professionalism needed between parties while maintaining a friendly rapport with its clients.

Customer Service is a priority at MSE. A computerized system specifically designed for periodic payment collections enables MSE to provide immediate information with accuracy and dependability.

Buyers and Sellers alike can be assured that their interests are being protected and their accounts handled accurately according to the dictates of their documents.